The endlessly fascinating country of Japan, which effortlessly fuses tradition with innovation, has been home to the Primer Group since November 2009 through Uniglobe LLC. 

From that time, Uniglobe has had its hands full distributing brands such as JanSport in the fast moving competitive Japanese Market and has successfully positioned the JanSport brand as an iconic must-have backpack brand among its young consumer.

Uniglobe LLC has also expanded from traditional distribution operations to e-commerce, as more Japanese consumers take advantage of the convenience and benefits of shopping online. Such strategy is in keeping with the Primer Group’s commitment to keep innovating and not be afraid to try new approaches, all in the name of serving the local market in the best way possible.

Uniglobe LLC has caught the attention of Japanese customers in the main markets of Japan and is now making inroads into emerging markets within the bustling nation that counts locals, expatriates and tourists among its population.

Uniglobe LLC
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