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WHY WE WORK - The Primer Group is not just about profit. Far from it. It is also firmly about planet and people, thus the birth of the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition.

CORE is the advocacy arm of the Primer Group and its primary goal is to encourage everyone to urgently respond to the immediate need to support environmental conservation, ecotourism and community development. This it does by supporting outdoor athletes, scientists, artists and writers.

CORE also closely collaborates with non-government organizations, government agencies, communities and like-minded private firms to explore new boundaries, advocate change and develop and promote new discoveries in the name of environmental, athletic and scientific pursuits that are geared towards nation-building and solidarity for the greater good of the environment.

Through CORE, for example, The Primer Group was at the forefront of two successful expeditions, the first all-Filipino team to summit Mount Everest and the discovery of new bird species in the remote Baguyan group of islands.

CORE has also bankrolled public educational programs and published books and magazines that promote and advocate environment conservation. These endeavors were driven by its goal to help uplift the level of public consciousness on the most pressing environmental and conservation issues in the country.

Also, CORE has embraced ecotourism as one of the key growth drivers in the Philippines, one that will directly benefit the poor and the marginalized. Thus it has assumed the role of a catalyst to synergize the efforts and projects of different organizations that are committed to promote ecotourism and adventure tourism that celebrate what the Philippines has to offer.

MISSION To act as catalysts to start up the development of self-reliance and sustainability by providing the right tools, network and training for people and communities to be empowered, inspired and equipped to explore their natural surroundings and be stewards in its conservation.

VISION To be a trusted institution dedicated to uplifting people and communities.

Our commitment for tourism promotion and development paves the way for our involvement in other thrusts in environmental conservation, athlete and expedition management, and disaster management and preparation.

Through our work, we endeavour to bring people closer to nature and help them discover their passion. To know more about CORE, visit www.coreasia.org.ph