August 30, 2016

Human Resources Department’s Talent Acquisition (TA) is set to conduct another in-house job fair on September 1 to 3 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Primer Star Center mezzanine.


“For the first time ever, we will literally open our doors to job applicants,” said TA Manager Thara Aggabao. “We were given permission to use the building’s main doors.”

About 60 applicants are expected to arrive on each day, but walk-in applicants are welcome to drop by.

An in-house job fair was also conducted last July.A TA member interviews a potential Primer employee.

Earlier in July, a two-day in-house job fair was also conducted. According to the TA Supervisor Jose Mari Lachica, the job fair was a success as the number of applicants exceeded the expected turnout.

“About 70 candidates showed up in the event, and 50 percent were endorsed to second interview,” he said.

Facebook event page

Meanwhile, Aggabao urged KaPrimers to support their job fair through sharing the event page on the Primer Group Facebook.

“Please spread the word and invite your friends to apply,” she said. “This will help us generate a higher yield of potential candidates during the said event.”



Click on this image to access the event page.

With that, she reminded every one on the Employee Referral Program.


Under the Employee Referral Program, all regular, probationary, contractual, and project-based employees of Primer Group of Companies may refer candidates to the Human Resources Department. However, while an HRD staff or Direct Leader of the position to be filled may refer applicants, they are not eligible to get a reward.

For every successful referral, the participating employee will get the following cash reward per category:

Store Management Trainee/ Store Superviser/ Fashion Consultant/ Store ManagerPHP 500

Rank-and-file PositionPHP 500

Supervisory PositionPHP 700

Managerial/ Executive Level PositionPHP 1,000

Hot SkillsPHP 1,000

To qualify, employees will need to fill out the “Candidate Referral Form” and submit to Talent Acquisition Unit or send via email to careers@primergrp.com.

  • Talent Acquisition Unit will process the application following the normal recruitment procedures.
  • Talent Acquisition Unit will announce the list of successful hires via email.

Candidate Referral

KaPrimers may download the Candidate Referral Form via the One Primer Portal, or can be requested directly from the TA team.

For any questions, please look for Shirly Residuo or Kyra Reyes of the TA team.