Primer Group Is Set to Launch New Brands and Projects by Q2

March 16, 2022


Even amid hardships, Primer always comes back stronger. 

The Primer Group of Companies remains to be a roaring global brand distributor and industry leader in serving the world’s top and premium consumer brands and industrial products. This year, the ever-expanding retail and distribution company will continue to broaden its horizons by tapping into new markets, launching new brands and projects, and making use of its platform to exercise its social responsibility to educate communities and enhance the daily lives of its employees. 

To drum up the excitement on what the Primer Group has in store for 2022, here’s a rundown of some new things to look forward to this year:


1. The official launch of Theragun

For people with active lifestyles who are continuously seeking ways to achieve their fitness goals, or working their way back from an injury, Primer is set to officially introduce Theragun by Therabody – the world's leading percussive therapy massage gun. It is a go-to gadget that reinvents massage and allows users to take control of their recovery from home. Through a personalized app experience, it helps them reimagine their daily wellness routine with a deep muscle treatment that is tailored to their body’s real-time needs. 


2. Welcoming ReFa to the PH market


Primer is also tapping into the beauty care category as it is set to welcome ReFa, a Japanese beauty care brand that offers premium-class and spa-quality beauty rollers. It provides an elevated beauty care experience as it replicates the professional caliber of an esthetician’s hand manipulations in the form of an at-home beauty device – giving people comfort and satisfaction beyond expectation. Soon, select ReFa beauty rollers will be available at The Travel Club. 


3. A new collection for World Traveller


As restrictions ease up, more people are getting ready to travel and explore the world once again. With this, World Traveller recently launched its new collection, Dresden. Inspired by the classic allure and contemporary vibe of the renowned German city, the Dresden collection features backpacks, waist packs, vertical and mono sling bags that boast classic silhouettes melded with practical features fit for a modern-day traveler. 


4. The upgraded KaPrimer Hub experience


KaPrimer Hub was created to serve as the digital space for KaPrimers to visit and help fully enhance their everyday lives. Now with new pages such as Loyalty Awardees, Primer Playlist, Primer Passion, and Primer Wellness, KaPrimers can immerse themselves in an upgraded adventure with the whole Primer community. 

Check out the KaPrimer Hub and discover an even stronger Primer community today. 


5. Primer Voters' Education Campaign

The upcoming 2022 Philippine elections will be the first time in Philippine history that Filipinos are going out to vote in the middle of a pandemic, with a list of controversial candidate line-ups to choose from and with health protocols still in place. 

To help educate KaPrimers about the upcoming national and local elections and encourage them to vote for the right leaders, the Primer Group of Companies is set to launch a campaign that will highlight that Filipinos win together when they vote responsibly. The campaign also aims to help people express their views and opinions, and also filter out which content about the candidates are factual and fabricated so they can make wise decisions come May this year. 

There is so much more to come for the rest of the year and things are just about to be exciting for all KaPrimers. 

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