The Human Resources division of the Primer Group of Companies created its Internship Program to foster a fruitful and strengthened partnership with universities and educational institutions by providing first-rate, comprehensive and excellent on-the-job training programs and business fundamentals for undergraduate students.

The Primer Star Center is a breeding ground of top notch professionals in the fields of; Marketing, Retail, Sales, Distribution, Air-con Technology, Information Technology, Graphic Design, Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Logistics, Finance/Accounting, HR and PR/ Events. Priding itself with the unparalleled dedication and globally-competitive pool of employees, the Primer Group of Companies is an ideal educational partner for colleges and universities in nurturing and molding students prepared and armored with exceptional real-time training and business principles to kick start their careers.

Guidelines on Admission Requirements: 
The Primer Group of Companies accepts application for on-the-job training from all colleges and universities. To guarantee an ideal placement for each student, internship applications are subject to undergo standard eligibility procedures.

  1. Students in their junior and senior levels may apply for internship programs, the applicant must be enrolled in the below listed. pre-qualifying courses.
  2. Endorsement or Recommendation Letter from applicant’s school with approval of the College Dean or Practicum Supervisor.

Human Resource 
BS Psychology
AB Psychology
BS Commerce major in Management, Marketing and Accounting

BS Commerce major in Marketing
AB Mass Communication
AB Fine Arts major in Advertising
BSBA Export Management/ Marketing Management/ Business Management
AB Multimedia Arts

AB Fashion Design and Merchandising
BS Commerce Major in Management or Marketing

BS Accounting
BS Financial Accounting or Management Accounting
BS Commerce major in Banking and Finance
BS Financial Management

Logistics Management
BSBA Export Management

Information Technology 
BS Computer Science
BS Computer Engineering
BSBA Computer Application
BS Information Technology
BS Information Management

Graphic Design/ Multimedia 
AB Multimedia Arts
BA Visual Communications
BS Industrial Design

Technical Courses 
Aircon and Refrigeration

Procedures in Applying:

  1. Interested applicants/ students may send their curriculum vitae thru email or visit the Primer Group
    HR Office.
  2. Fill out an application form and attach curriculum vitae with photo and endorsement letter from your respective school.
  3. Undergo pre-qualifying interviews conducted by our Recruitment Personnel.
  4. Submit 1×1 picture for the internship or company I.D.
  5. Attend company orientation

Procedures on how to obtain a Certificate of Completion:

  1. Submit Time Card and Company ID to HR upon completion of training.
  2. Mandatory submission of on-the-job knowledge and experience acquired from the training program.