As part of its thrust to become a retail giant in Asia, the Primer Group has dared venture further afield and into Australia, a nation-continent that is not usually on the radar of Philippine companies wanting to establish its flag overseas.

The Primer Group, however, sees bright prospects in the prosperous land down under, thus establishing Primer Pacific Pty Ltd. in April 2015, making it one of the latest additions to the group’s growing network of affiliates, partners and subsidiaries.

Primer Pacific is the Primer Group’s vehicle to cement a firm presence in the country, initially through the core expertise of the wholesale distribution and premium branded retail of adventure and lifestyle products. At the same time, it has a growing e-commerce business driven by the spirit of innovaiton that is part of the Primer Group’s unique DNA.

Primer Pacific Pty currently operates on three business platforms but it does not plan to stop there, knowing that there remains unexplored corporate territory in Australia just waiting for the brave - like the Primer Group - to take advantage of.




Primer Pacific Pty Ltd.
7/2 Kochia Lane
Lindfield NSW
  • +61 2 9416 1946

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