Audit Supervisor

The Audit Supervisor is responsible for the effective supervision of periodic reviews and audits of existing systems, operational processes and information/data of the assigned business unit.

He/she supervises the team to achieve process improvements, integrity in the financial statements, and effective preservation of company assets that results to maximized revenues, cost saving and profits. He/she will be reporting to the IA&C Manager.


Risk Management

  • Supervises conducting of risk based audit in accordance to approved audit plans, Company’s audit framework and guidelines
  • Works with management in handling employee violations of laws, rules, regulations and company standards by supervising investigative procedures and other procedures prescribed under company policies
  • Supervises the audit activities and initiate audit techniques that detects fraudulent transactions/activities/reporting within the organization
  • Addresses risk issues of the assigned business unit that may impact the organization


  • Checks audit reports and documentation that are completed and reviewed prior to submission to BOD
  • Supervises checking of adherence and complete delivery of action plans established in contracts, legal documents and resolutions of governing committees and authorities in the organization
  • Initiate updates of IA&C related and applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Consolidates reports for the management to determine the status of IA&C plans, overall progress in implementing approved recommendations, and identified areas of non-compliance
  • Monitors strict adherence to approved audit programs and time budgets

Internal Controls

  • Prepares recommendation of new policies and/or revision to improve internal controls of respective functions such as finance, operations and other support function
  • Supervises compliance with Company Policies and with relevant best practices standards
  • Provides input in improving Audit Framework for the Primer Group
  • Supervises the implementation of IA&C plans to ensure quality and continuous improvement in the Primer Group’s internal control processes
  • Partners with external auditors during year-end financial assurance and operations review and provides assistance in the disclosure of the internal audit works
  • Consolidates financial impact analysis reports relevant to audit scope/business unit.


  • Examines the management controls within an Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Supervises performance of tests check of compliance of the use of the system to establish and maintain data integrity; ensure accessibility security matrix are in place; confidentiality; availability; and operating effectively to achieve organization’s goals/objectives

Operational (Stores, Warehouse, SBU, SBP, Financial)

  • Prepare annual audit plan for the assigned units such as Store Operations and Inventory Control, Warehouse Inventory Count, Finance & Accounting Operations Audit, and all other policies and procedures covered & updated in Primer Group’s Policy Portal
  • Supervises the audit of cash, fixed assets and inventory of concessions, consignments, freestanding stores and warehouses of the Primer Group of Companies
  • Implements the standard auditing policies and procedures covering the scope of audits in the stores
  • Supervises the execution of the annual audit plans for the store operations and warehouse inventory count

Supervision of Team Performance

  • Conducts regular performance coaching and mentoring to team members
  • Recommends and identifies developmental plans of the team members necessary for their skills improvement and career growth
  • Responsible for regular performance management such as monitoring of daily audit transactions and compliance to service level agreements
  • Ensures compliance and implementation of the code of discipline and procedures to team members


Performs other tasks that may be assigned from time to time

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and must be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Preferably CIA and/or CISA
  • With at least 1 year of experience in Accounting, Audit and FS analysis and preparation
  • Preferably with experience working in audit and accounting firms

Malate, Manila


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