Registered Nurse



  • Responsible for day-to-day clinic activities and operations
  • Assists in delivery of occupational health services
  • Assist the Company Physician during patient consultation
  • Assess the chief complaint, take vital signs and medical history of the patient
  • In the absence of the doctor, attends to patient's health concern

Emergency and First Aid Response

  • Respond to emergency and first aid situations
  • Assist the doctor during emergency and first-aid management
  • In case of emergency, coordinate referral and/ or accompany the patient to a higher health care facility

Fit to work/Sick Leave Assessment and Processing

  • Collect details and information necessary in processing employee's sick leave
  • Check the validity of the medical certificate (if necessary). Validate Medical Certificate submitted by the employee by verifying the issuer thru phone calls
  • Report all suspicious Medical Certificate to the Clinic Manager/Supervisor
  • Issue fit to work certificates thru emails or forms

Pre Employment Medical Examination (PEME)

  • In the absence of a Clinic Manager/Supervisor, encodes, monitors and report all successful applicants that passed the PEME to HR/Recruitment Team

Annual Physical Examination (APE)

  • Collate the APE Summary Result and submit it to the company physician for evaluation
  • Notify patients with findings for consultation and referrals


  • Medicine and Supplies Management
  • Issue appropriate OTC (Over-the-counter) medicines
  • Administer medicines prescribed by the attending physician
  • Conducts regular inventory of medicines and supplies
  • Assist the Clinic Manager/Supervisor in completing Reports. Assist the HR in completing the Annual Medical Report
  • Assist the company regarding HMO concerns and validations
  • Other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time

Occupational Safety and Health (For Clinic Management Program)

  • Accompany the Environment Safety and Health Team during walk-thru surveys
  • In the absence of a Clinic Manager/Supervisor, represent Affinity Medical in meetings and attend Monthly ESH Meeting together with the Company Physician to answer issues and concerns regarding Health and Safety of the employees

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing
  • Licensed Registered Nurse
  • Minimum of 1 year experience in a corporate industry
  • BOSH certified, can do first aid
  • Willing to work in Manila, onsite

Malate, Manila


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