Josiah Go Features Primer’s Jimmy Thai in The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Business Section Article

May 13, 2022

Primer Group of Companies is primarily involved in the retail and distribution of premium products in the country. As they stay true to the entrepreneurial spirit that has continued to guide them from 1985, Primer continues to venture into new categories, such as hospitality, logistics, e-commerce, and capability building and enhancement.

With years of experience in various industries, the group has gained beneficial knowledge about different product segments and product categories.

Primer’s President and CEO, Jimmy Thai, was featured in The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s May 11, 2022 issue. The article written by Josiah Go, a best-selling author and one of the Philippines’ most respected marketing gurus, shows an interview with Primer’s Jimmy Thai as he shares his thoughts about the group’s ability to expand and diversify.

Jimmy answers questions about Primer’s strategies in expanding their business and how they approach adding new brands to their list of 150 premium consumer and travel brands. Read the full article by clicking this link: