PT Yuna Celebrated the 2021 Hall of Heroes at Amerta Amour Koffie

January 4, 2022

Last December 3 2021, PT Yuna celebrated the 2021 Hall of Heroes, a small year-end thanksgiving at Amerta Amour Koffie attended by almost all of its staff. It was the first gathering ever since the still-ongoing pandemic. Everyone came in on time and was welcomed by emcees in costume to set a cheerful mood right from the very start of the event. 

The highlight of this year was to commemorate employees who had been with PT Yuna for the past 5 to 10 years, with some even going as long as 12 years! We had interviewed some as to when they started with us and why they have been with us for the longest time. They shared their own stories about what it’s like to be a ka-primer and what it took for them to be where they are right now. 

Along with the lineup of awards were also short games where we put our own twist on the well-known game “Bring me!”. The game was turned into “Show me!” where everyone got pretty competitive at one point. Snacks and food were distributed throughout and even with the gathering, protocols were still observed. 

Part of the gathering was also greetings from our Board of Directors – Sir Mark Chim, Sir Jerry, Sir Johnny and Sir Willy, who all wished they could be with us but given the situation, shared that they will visit Indonesia soon as they gave us their best wishes. Although it was virtual, we always felt their support and encouragement throughout the year. 

We closed the celebrations with a  short karaoke, with some really showing their hidden talents in singing and even with the guitar! We capped it with our biggest giveaways – from appliances, to gadgets and premium luggage and with group photos to close the night. We’re hoping to have this as an annual event with more achievements to highlight.