Merchandising Associate

The Merchandising Associate assists in merchandising functions, primarily in data gathering and analysis, to achieve better efficiency in merchandising.


1. Monitors and maintains a file of all sample merchandise and freight charges.
2. Coordinates with Supplier and Sourcing office (PIML) to ensure on-time release of merchandise and immediate resolution on merchandise issues. (e.g., shipment delay, damages or defects)
3. Updates and Files Purchase order and buying summary for monitoring purposes.
4. Recommends and Prepares SRP based on price structure vis-à-vis competitors’ pricing. 
5. Prepares remittances for payments on merchandise and updates purchases monitoring file.
6. Ensures on-time availability of merchandise at doors and facilitates pre-delivery requirements including master file buildup, product briefs, pricelists, product sampling and merchandise allocation.
7. Quality checks and prepares product inspection report on newly arrived merchandise at warehouse level.
8. Prepares monthly sales and inventory reports and coordinates with brand people for recommended action plans.


Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

1. Graduate of any 4 year related course preferably marketing
2. At least two (1) year experience in any staff, merchandising, sales or marketing function.


Preferred Requirements/Qualifications

1. Very good communication skills, both written and oral
2. Computer Literate
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Attentive to details
5. Problem Solving Tools




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