Head of Human Resources

A.  Job Summary:


The AVP for HR Operations is responsible for the overall direction, management and execution of all Talent Acquisition, Shared Services and Vendor Management strategies in support of the overall business plans and strategic direction of the organization.   

He/she provides strategic leadership by articulating HR Operations needs and plans to the Vice President for HR.


  1. Talent Acquisition


  1. Establishes strong partnership and alignment with business unit leaders in order to align in-depth understanding of the business needs and their manpower requirements.
  2. Provides overall direction in the development and implementation of the processes, systems, reporting, SLA’s, and KPI’s required to effectively deliver Talent Acquisition activities including sourcing, screening, and interviewing of candidates.
  3. Leads and reviews in the development of best sourcing/recruiting practices and new sourcing/recruiting avenues (job boards, tools, social media, forums, etc) that could improve efficiency and quality of service delivery.
  4. Develops and hires a team of experienced sourcers, recruiters, etc. required to deliver qualified and best-fit candidates to the business units.
  5. Provides advice and consultation on the deliverables and dashboards progress of the Talent Acquisition team.


  1. Shared Services


  1. Oversees and provides direction on salary classification and compensation programs of the organization
  2. Leads in the review and analysis of the merit increases and salary structure in the organization. 
  3. Provides expertise in developing, rolling out and implementing HR Services and in resolving complicated transactional items.
  4. Recommends effective interventions to ensure seamless implementation of HR Shared Services processes.
  5. Reviews and ensures compliance on statutory and government mandated benefits and keeps abreast with the changes implemented by the government.


  1. Job Contracting (Vendor Management)


  1. Leads in the regular vendor assessment and performance review supported by proper documentation and reports.
  2. Provides consultation on the timely and accurate billing collection with supporting documentations from the partnered manpower agencies.
  3. Provides advice in addressing queries and concerns of the partnered vendors in a timely manner
  4. Establishes strong partnership with job contracting/manpower agencies to ensure continuous and job fit manpower endorsements.
  5. Oversees that all service level agreements and standard operating procedures are met by the partner manpower agencies/vendors.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree, preferably Psychology, Behavioral Science or Human Resources Management.
  2. Preferably with Post-graduate /Masteral degree diploma in any related course.
  3. At least ten (10) years of working experience in the same capacity.
  4. Ability to manage different levels in the organization from rank and file to senior executives in a complex environment / business structure.

Human Resources



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