Primer Group launches its Senior High School Work Immersion program

December 19, 2019


As Primer Group continues to contribute to uplifting the society through its work, the mentioned retail leader had just launched its latest program, Senior High School Work Immersion that hopes to provide growth and learning opportunities to the Filipino youth.

Through this program, Primer Group plays its part in enriching the K-12 experience by immersing senior high school students in a natural working environment where they can develop their values, knowledge, and basic competency skills that will be helpful in their future careers. This forms part of the Primer Group Corporate Social Responsibility thrusts Entrepreneurship and Job Creation, and is also the company’s contribution to the Department of Education’s Work Immersion component of its K-12 program.

To actualize this Senior High School Work Immersion program, Primer Group, through its Human Resources Department and Corporate Social Responsibility Team, partnered with the Philippines Business for Education (PBEd), a non-profit organization concerned with the need for greater education and economy alignment, to reach out to academic institutions in need of a holistic work environment to fulfill their students’ need for work immersion.

For its first venture in this work immersion program, Primer Group partnered with Raja Soliman Science and Technology High School in Binondo, with seven Grade 12 students to experience the KaPrimer life, starting with working with the Human Resources Talent Acquisition and HR Services teams. Raja Soliman Science and Technology High School is among the partners of PBEd for its First Future Project.


Seven SHS students deployed for work immersion in HR-TA and Services

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signing ceremony held last December 6, 2019 at the headquarters of the Primer Group of Companies cemented the venture of the three institutions.

“Today marks a very special day for the Primer Group of Companies because it is the first time that we are partnering with PBEd and with Raja Soliman Science and Technology High School in Binondo for a holistic Senior High School Work Immersion program. We believe that we can be a valuable part in developing the students holistically in their career, as we have established a solid ground in the retail and distribution of the world’s top and premium consumer brands, as well as in the industrial products and services landscape,” says Christina Aquino, Head of the Talent Acquisition team.


Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement

Florence de Castro of PBEd expressed gratitude to Primer Group for being among the few companies that agreed to take in Senior High School students and mentor them.

“In a survey done in 2017, only one in five companies are open to accommodating Senior High School. There’s always this hesitance in accommodating young people- young but very talented people. So we said, ‘why don’t you just try out these SHS and see for yourself if there’s any gap?’ We and the Department of Education also would be very much willing to adjust accordingly so that the needs of the industry and the competence of the academe would meet. I hope that as you move along, we will continue to do very well, and we hope that Primer Group will continue to accommodate senior high school students.”

Moreover, Janette Ramos of Raja Soliman Science and Technology High School looks forward to a well-forged partnership heading towards the same direction and vision.

“The objective of this program is to enhance the competence of these students to their field of specialization. Although there may still be a gap, we do look forward to a good partnership and more partnership in the future. Ito ay para sa bayan at para sa bata.”

Primer Group’s engagement with Raja Soliman Science and Technology High School is only the first of many partnerships with educational institutions offering senior high school.