The Travel Club brings Travelers Together with its 55th Concept Store

December 19, 2019

IMG_6774The Travel Club unveils its 55th concept store at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, aiming to make the pre-journey more meaningful for all kinds of travelers. Positioned as a place of convergence, the all-new The Travel Club store is a destination where people can shop for their travel essentials, and at the same time come together and engage with individuals who share the same passion for traveling.

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True to its claim of being a place where travelers can build meaningful connections, The Travel Club Ayala Malls Manila Bay houses a spacious lounge area. Apart from being a comfortable resting area for shoppers, this part of the store is an ideal venue for pocket events that The Travel Club intends to host in the future.

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Visibly integrating new technologies to offer customers an improved shopping experience, another key highlight of the store is the interactive area. With this new store feature, guests can play travel games, navigate the world map, check the weather, and other travel-related content.

The Travel Club Ayala Malls Manila Bay also visibly carries an expertly curated and diverse selection of topnotch travel brands such as Delsey, Tumi, Victorinox, and World Traveller. Recognizing the diverse nature of travel, the store likewise showcases a variety of brands and products that address the needs of adventure travelers such as The North Face and Sea to Summit, to name a few.

IMG_6713.jpgThe store also offers a handful of products from popular youth and lifestyle brands such as JanSport, Herschel, Hedgren and Sakroots. But to take things up a notch higher, it boasts of a Wears section which will be comprised of the latest in travel apparel such as jackets, compression socks, base layers, and even headwear!


The Travel Club Ayala Malls Manila Bay has adopted an impressive array of features that clearly sets the store apart from the others. Sure to catch one’s attention is the brimming youthful energy that emanates from the store’s vibrant yet minimalistic modern design. Meanwhile, its clever use of leading lines and punchy color elements is what will ultimately draw travelers to make a stop inside the store.

Visit The Travel Club Ayala Malls Manila Bay and come across people who share the same love for traveling as you do.

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