Sales and Operations Manager

The Sales and Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that the over-all business plan of the organization is effectively executed and sales and marketing targets are met.  The role includes planning and forecasting activities, formulating sales and marketing targets and tactics, reviewing operations policies, and leading teams to meet objectives.



Strategic Planning & Forecasting:
1. Develops and implements business strategies that will help attain short term and long-term business objectives.
2. Participates in long range plant projects, process improvements and equipment planning; recommends and justifies purchase of new capital equipment as appropriate.
3. Analyzes pertinent data and use this data in asset and equipment allocation.


Manufacturing & Production
1. Leads the manufacturing facility to optimize production scheduling, materials management, operational efficiency and on-time delivery of products.
2. Demonstrates a strong commitment to quality in all aspects of operations and focuses on meeting the needs and expectations of both internal and external customers.
3. Ensures that manufacturing reliability (including costing and quality) is efficient and operates at a high level in relation to resources and corporate expectations.
4. Organizes the plant management staff for effective operations, delegating appropriate authority and responsibilities to subordinates and supporting functions.


Market Development & Sales Planning
1. Understands and analyzes relevant data from market and industry analysis, in relation to the components of the marketing plan.
2. Conceptualizes programs and activities that drives the market and expand customer base and volume.
3. Develops and implements sales plan to achieve revenue objectives.

4. Ensures overall sales targets are met and recommends sales policies and procedures to further improve & motivate sales force and to further enhance company objectives of maximizing sales and minimizing costs.


Financial Management
1. Prepares annual operating plans and quarterly forecasts for review. Responsible for overall spending and reviews of actual expenses on a monthly basis.
2. Analyzes the impact of business results to the company’s financial objectives and makes necessary action or recommendation to the management on how to achieve or increase profit.

Human Capital Management
1. Develops, designs and establish structures, systems and processes to most effectively achieve the organization’s objectives.
2. Manages and directs job responsibilities of immediate staff and allocate work accordingly.
3. Evaluates and ensures right sizing in the SBU
4. Initiates KRA contracting and administers performance appraisal to all concerned employees in the SBU.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Industrial or Chemical Engineering or any Business related field, preferably with post graduate studies or units (MBA)
  2. At least five (5) years management experience in a manufacturing environment

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