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July 31, 2017

The idea of a 100% chemical, preservative and additives free herbal paste that can promote hair growth was conceptualized after Bee Choo, the founder of the Bee Choo Origin Group, met a Hong Kong physician who told her about Chinese herbs that can aid in solving hair loss problems. With the Hong Kong physician’s encouragement and guidance, Bee Choo started experimenting on various herbal concoctions until she came up with what is known today as the Bee Choo Origin Herbal Paste. And the rest they say is history…

Certified with TQCSI, Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment surpassed the stringent criteria of ISO standards and demonstrates consistent ability to enhance customer satisfaction with assurance to deliver quality service.


Our Mission

Bee Choo Origin's mission is to provide safe and natural hair care treatment services and hair care products to people.

We believe that genuine hair care must be safe. Ingredients used in products should never cause harmful side effects to people which may cause long-term damage if not done professionally.

It's always natural at Origin.

Our Vision

Bee Choo Origin's vision is to give people the ability to deal with various hair conditions.

We aim to restore confidence and beauty to our customers by providing quality hair care solutions at an affordable price.


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