Beyond Energy Solution Technology Inc.

As part of our commitment to create a greener world, we have ventured into energy service, helping other companies transform to eco-friendly facilities through Beyond Energy Solution Technology Inc. (BEST)

In 2015, G-Energy of Singapore - the leading energy service company in SEA partnered in the Philippines with the Primer Group of Companies and formed Beyond Energy Solutions Technology Inc. (BEST) to be part of the G-Energy global group.

G-Energy Global is certified as an Energy Service Company (ESCO) with 4 QuESS (Qualified Energy Services Specialists) out of 27 in Singapore*



• In-depth study of a system to identify potential savings in energy consumption

• Use of pin-point accurate instrument for data gathering

• Standards are based on the Singaporean Green Building Certification, Green Mark

• We are currently an active member of Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance Inc. (PE2)

• Current Partner Company G-energy has 4 out of 27 Qualified Energy Service Specialists on board.


BEST offers:

• Energy Audit, Test, and Commissioning

• Energy Remote Monitoring/ Maintenance Contract

• Optimization Design Consultancy

• Performance Contracting/ Equipment Retrofits


Contact details:

Mr. Bienvenido Gonzales
General Manager
Beyond Energy Solutions Technology Inc.
Primer Star Center, 2282 Leon Guinto St.,
Malate, Manila 1004 Philippines