January 18, 2016

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Primer Group of Companies, a company known for promoting environmental awareness and conservation, has always been supportive of Bicycle Commuting. The Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition (C.O.R.E.), Primer’s advocacy arm, has launched a program called Cycle Circle where Primer employees could borrow several bicycles for their short-distance travels. This also encourages a practice of healthy lifestyle while at the workplace.

When University of the Philippines, Diliman Masters Student, Jops Feliciano, asked C.O.R.E. for help with his thesis entitled “Study on the Effectivity of the Provision of Bicycle Facilities to Increase Bicycle Commuting in Central Business Districts in Metro Manila,” we thought it would well complement the Cycle Circle program.

Feliciano has been on and off biking for three years now. Being a tropical country, it is hard to say that the weather in our country is perfect for bike commuting. One of his major concerns when biking is the lack of shower facilities in the areas where he had worked.

“While it won’t make a big dent to the traffic and pollution problems in the near future, increasing bike commuting through the provision of facilities right now would assist those who are already dong bike commuting and gives a very viable (mode of) transportation to others amidst all the traffic problems,” Feliciano stated in a written interview.

Bicycle commuting is already being practiced in Europe, America and some Asian cities; as Metro Manila traffic proves to be at its worst state, it would never hurt if people switch to this alternative. His thesis survey aims to collect data from both cyclists and non-cyclists as to further study the possibilities of using bicycles for utilitarian purposes.

“In the long run, if a lot of people do switch from driving to bike commuting, that’s when the effects of bike commuting to traffic alleviation will be felt,’ said Feliciano.

If you want to contribute to this study, you can answer his survey by clicking this link.

Article Contribution: Nirvana Time Estiva, C.O.R.E.