Academy for Professional Excellence (APEX)

The Academy for Professional Excellence (APEX) was established to address the current need of the retail and service sectors for qualified and well-trained frontline professionals. The Academy offers continuing education and job-specific training programs in retail, tourism and other service industries. We provide competency–based training approaches in a simulated learning environment which enables our students to immediately apply and practice their acquired knowledge and skills. Our unique advantage is our ability to provide immediate jobs to our graduates. Through our strong partnership with our affiliate companies, our students are guaranteed of relevant on-the-job training that further hone each student to become job-ready and immediately employable right after course completion. With our founders and pool of expert facilitators, we bring a solid and successful track record and well-grounded experience in multi-disciplinary and diverse fields such as retail, manufacturing, importation and distribution, IT, hotel, restaurant and service operations.

Our  Vision
To be  the premier school for innovative retail and service education

Our Mission
To help build a progressive country by developing immediately employable retail and service professionals

Our Values
In the pursuit of its vision and mission, APEX is guided by the following values:

Integrity – Living a life of doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time for the right reason.
Innovation – Creating new approaches and turning ideas into realities
Service – Learning more to serve more. Acting on customers’ needs with relevance, sensitivity and speed
Excellence – Unceasing pursuit for quality education aimed at transforming talents to contribute productively to society
Entrepreneurial Spirit – Developing a sense of ownership in the enterprise

What Makes Us Different

APEX is the first and only educational retail institution in the Philippines that simulates a retail environment through a mock store blended into one of the classrooms. This allows the students to immediately practice and apply the acquired skills and knowledge in a non-threatening environment.  In addition, our out-of-the box training approaches steer clear of traditional lectures but rather make  intensive use of games, cases, simulations and role-plays which ensure learning relevance and job readiness.

Pool of Industry Experts

Our faculty is composed of subject-matter experts and industry practitioners who are  well established in their profession and can share valuable insights from their wealth of experience in  their respective fields.

Free Placement Services

Our vast network of affiliate companies and trade partners, both here and abroad, present an excellent employment opportunity and priority for the successful graduates of our program. Our graduates can enjoy the advantage of getting a job offer immediately upon graduation.

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