Collaborative Partnership of Hydro Flask Indonesia with Reload Trained by HP

January 4, 2022


Hydro Flask Indonesia has recently done a brand activation campaign with Reload Trained by HP. Reload Trained by HP is a luxurious boutique gym owned by a 3x World Champion in bodybuilding, Heintje B. Pojoh. Located in Senopati, South Jakarta - the center of stylish lifestyle, Reload has become the most exclusive gym filled with A-listers ranging from entrepreneurs, celebrities, influencers and public figures. 

The collaboration is beneficial to both parties as Hydro Flask and Reload share similar interests of getting active and value sustainability. 

The brand activation initiatives includes Instagram live ‘Hustle for Muscle’, Hydro Flask engraved bottles, Instagram TV Video, Social Media contents, and the main event ‘Reload and Refill’ challenge.

The campaign started off with an Instagram Live and Giveaway, ‘Hustle for Muscle’ - Staying Healthy During the Pandemic (30/10/21) with Heintje B Pojoh as a main speaker and a representative from Terra. The live streaming is done to spread awareness of Hydro Flask through Reload lifestyle community. Many people were interested in the 64oz Hydro Flask bottle which was placed beside Heintje B Pojoh. During the live stream, we reached the highest number of engagement for Hydro Flask Indonesia social media activity. 

The main event, ‘Reload and Refill’ Challenge (6/11/21) was aimed to establish personal connection as well as increase brand awareness and influence brand association of Hydro Flask. The challenge was done in a fun and interactive concept using Hydro Flask bottles as ‘weight props’. The challenge attracts many public figures to participate including, Estelle Linden, Cilla Pieters, Axel Matthew Thomas, and Maruli Tampubolon. 

Members who came and participated in the event were swab tested before entering the venue and all health protocols were observed during all the activities.