GREAT ESCAPES is a spin-off of Dispatch Media Group whose thrust is deeply anchored in travel, adventure and advocacy. And as part of our advocacy on local tourism, we developed a tour arm that offers specialized outdoor tour packages catering to both adventure enthusiasts and luxury travelers. We urge you to commune with nature, explore the great outdoors and appreciate the planet better through great escapes.
For Baler, Aurora, Great Escapes offers activity packages on trekking, biking, and city touring. Baler, mainly known as a surfing spot, driving surfers from the country and across the world to its shores, boasts of rich forest cover and natural attractions. With this, we crafted well-thought of and distinct tour packages highlighting other exciting activities promising to take your Baler experience to a different height.

Apart from the signature tour packages, Great Escapes puts premium to its tour guiding services ensuring the clients a safe, secure and remarkable trip. For this aspect, we have partnered with C.O.R.E.’s Tubong Lokal to train the Great Escapes tour guides while we ensured that this program benefit the locals, first and foremost.