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C.O.R.E. or the Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition is the advocacy arm of the Primer Group of Companies. C.O.R.E.’ s main pursuit is to awaken and convert the masses to embrace the immediate and longstanding need to support environmental conservation, ecotourism and community development.

C.O. R. E. actively supports outdoor athletes, scientists, artists, writers and collaborates with NGOs, government agencies and other private organizations to explore new boundaries, advocate change, develop and promote new discoveries in the name of environmental, athletic, and scientific pursuits.

The Primer Group of Companies shall faithfully support advocacies through a gamut of environmental endeavors and community projects headed toward the goal of nation-building and solidarity for the greater good of our environment.

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C.O.R.E. Missions

Athlete and Expedition Management

C.O.R.E promotes outdoor sports and manages outdoor athletes to collectively get support from private and public entities. We believe that Filipinos are innately passionate for the outdoors thus the athletes we manage and represent include sports climbers, endurance runners and mountaineers. We are also staunch supporters of Filipino scientists embarking on extraordinary causes.
Acting as a secretariat, C.O.R.E. mobilizes expeditions through fund acquisition and thereby managing the overall organization and logistics involved for each program. C.O.R.E. was at the forefront of two successful expeditions; the first all-Filipino team to summit Mount Everest and the discovery of new bird species in remote Babuyan group of islands.

Environmental Conservation

C.O.R.E aims to uplift the level of consciousness of the public on the most pressing environmental and conservation issues and decidedly act on it by spearheading public educational programs, publishing books and magazines that promote and advocate environment conservation.

Tourism Development and Promotion

C.O.R.E. recognizes the need of the country to boost its tourism industry and with such, C.O.R.E. has specially tapped the eco-tourism industry as one of its key advocacies. C.O.R.E. assumes the post as a unifying channel that synergizes the efforts and projects of different organizations driven to promote ecotourism, adventure tourism and the overall regard and commitment for nation-building.