Aircond. Network Philippines, Inc.
Aircond.Network is involved in the repair, installation, cleaning service and preventive maintenance of ACMV Systems. It handles not only multi-brands but also multi-systems of chillers and air-conditioners. (read more)
Brushstroke Creatives
Brushstroke Creatives, is a full-scale creative group under Union Inks and Graphics Phil., Inc. established in 2005. It is composed of three core groups: Business Development and the Creative and Production teams respectively. Brushstrokes centralizes its services mainly on the creative design and production of rigid and flexible materials using the latest technology in large-format digital U.V. printing and CNC (computer numerically controlled) Cutting Solutions respectively. (read more)
Concept Store, Inc
Realizing the idea on the 29th of April 2011, Concept Store, Inc.(CSI) formally began its operations with a team of seasoned retailers with a goal of creating the Philippines' leading innovative concept stores in the Philippines (read more)
Kenrich International Distributor Corp.
Kenrich International Distributor Corporation began its operations with Kickers as its anchor brand in October 1993. Since then KIDC has brought in the biggest names in footwear and outdoor apparel in the Asian market. (read more)
Luggage Trading and Services, Inc.
L.T.S. Luggage Trading & Services, Inc. is the first company under the Primer Group of Companies. And it was established in 1989. (read more)
Philgear International Inc.
Established in 1998, Philgear Int'l Inc. is the Primer Group's second footwear company. (read more)
Primer International Corp.
Established in February 1985, Primer International Corporation is the Primer Group's trading company. It specializes in the importation, exportation, licensing and distribution of the various products and brands under the Primer Group. (read more)
Primer International Holdings and Management, Inc.
Primer International Holdings and Management, Inc. was established in November 1994 to support the Group's need to manage its assets, including real estate, propriety shares, and capital investments. (read more)
Primer International Management Limited
Primer International Management Limited is the Primer Group's international business affairs company. Currently, PIML is responsible for the effective synergy and growth of the Primer Group's regional affiliates present in the following countries; Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. (read more)
Primer Printing Services, Inc.
Primer Printing Services Inc. is the Primer Group's textile printing company established in 1993. Its facilities are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology for a wide variety of textile printing services. (read more)
Stellar Equipment & Machinery, Inc.
The Primer Group's air conditioning division was established in 1989. Stellar Equipment & Machinery, Inc. is the distributor and retailer of York Air Conditioning Applied Systems, the "World's leader in cooling comfort." This includes chillers and AHU (Air Handling Unit) and unitary products -- split type and WRAC (Window Room Air Conditioning). (read more)
South Amerasia Chemical Corp.
South AmerAsia Chemical Corporation formally started operations in April of 2009. SACC is a joint venture between the Primer Group of Companies and Sociedad Quimica Alemana- an ink manufacturing company based in Peru. (read more)
Uniglobe Travelware Co., Inc.
Founded in 1992, Uniglobe Travelware Co. Inc. is another member of the Primer Group's distributing companies. It was created to distribute and market premium travel and lifestyle brands in the ASEAN. (read more)
Union Inks and Graphics Philippines, Inc.
Union Inks and Graphics Philippines, Inc. is a manufacturer of screen-printing inks, reducers, and related chemical solutions. The company also distributes screen-printing supplies and other printing related requirements for both graphics and electronic applications. (read more)